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Alexis Tsingeni, Host, Retail O-Tones

CPI ThoughtCast Ep. 10


Retail & Change

Navigating the Future of Retail Technology with Alexis Tsingeni

In this episode of Retail & Change, presented by CPI’s Thoughtcast, host Rob Blythin talks with Alexis Tsingeni, a content creator and host of Retail O-Tones. Together we dive into the dynamic world of retail technology where Alexis brings a wealth of insights into how technological advancements are reshaping the retail landscape for both consumers and employees. 


"There's always something new, whether it's a technology opportunity or a competitor's new service," she points out. Retailers must decide whether to react to market changes or drive those changes themselves. 


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Drawing from her experience in implementing scan-and-go mobile applications, Alexis first discusses the dual challenge of customer and employee adaptation to new technologies. "I've seen customers ask, 'Why is this better than what we've done before?'" Alexis notes, underscoring the need to demonstrate clear benefits to end-users. She praises advancements in neighboring countries like Poland and the Nordics for their proactive approach to retail technology despite different legal frameworks. "In Germany, we often find reasons to restrict innovation, so it's enlightening to look east, to the Nordics, and south to see what's happening," she explains. 

As a content creator, Alexis fosters a platform where retailers share knowledge and learn from each other's experiences. She emphasizes the value of LinkedIn live videos for creating real-time connections and discussions. "I aim to be this neutral platform that connects people through knowledge," she says, helping bridge the gap between marketing and sales to drive retail success. 

Personally, Alexis says she like to focus on sustainability and innovative solutions. She praises startups making significant strides in reducing food waste and enhancing cash recycling processes. "The most impressive thing I've seen here is the effort to reduce food waste through analytics," she says, citing companies like Retail Inside for their exemplary work. 

Alexis urges retailers to invest in genuine innovation and collaborate with startups to co-create effective solutions. "Invest in true innovation, and don't expect startups to know everything. Collaborate and co-create together," she advises. 


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