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Why not build a self-checkout as unique as your store?

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Why You Need a Custom Self-Checkout


Why not build a self-checkout as unique as your store?

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Why You Need a Custom Self-Checkout

Self-checkout has undoubtedly grown increasingly popular amongst retailers in the past few years. After all, it helps customers breeze through checkout lines, reduces cart abandonment rates and provides an all-around better customer experience than a cashier lane for most people. But for some retailers, the self-checkout system they use forces them to pay for features that they don’t even need. That’s because instead of using a self-checkout made just for them, they’re settling for generic systems that every other store uses.

Opting for a custom self-checkout built for their exact needs allows retailers to use a solution that works for them and avoid some of the common headaches that come with generic systems. Every store is unique, so why not have a checkout solution that’s uniquely built for that store? Take a look at these reasons why stores should be opting for custom self-checkout solutions.

Features That Fit the Store’s Vision

Anyone in retail knows that the not-so-secret ingredient to a successful store is an excellent customer experience. So why not provide them with the best possible self-checkout? Custom self-checkouts take the best technologies from a range of companies and combine them into the ideal solution for the store. Unlike generic options that may have limitations, a custom solution allows retailers to cherry-pick features that align with their vision for an ideal customer experience.

Optimized Store Space

Space is a precious commodity in retail, and every square foot needs to be utilized effectively. Traditional self-checkout solutions may not always fit into the unique layout of a store, leading to wasted space or a cramped shopping environment. Custom self-checkouts are designed to complement the store's existing space, ensuring an optimal and efficient layout.

When they opt for a custom self-checkout, retailers can avoid the pitfalls of investing in a system that is too large or cumbersome for their specific requirements. Custom solutions can be tailored to fit into the available space, allowing for a more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing store layout. This not only enhances the overall shopping experience but also maximizes the potential for increased foot traffic and sales.

Cut Costs on Unnecessary Features

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to checkout solutions. With generic self-checkout systems, retailers often find themselves paying for features that aren’t necessary for their customers or application.

For instance, what’s ideal for a grocery store won’t be ideal for a convenience store. Where a grocery store would need a scale to weigh loose produce, this would be a waste of money and space for a convenience store. With a custom solution, retailers can exclude such features, allowing them to reduce costs and avoid unnecessary complexities.

CPI is a One-Stop-Shop for Custom Self-Checkout

Building a custom self-checkout can be complex, but Crane Payment Innovations makes it easy. When partnering with CPI for a custom self-checkout, retailers can leave their worries at the door. From design to deployment, we work with stores to create the exact solution tailored to their unique needs. Even after the solution is deployed, our job isn’t done. With best-in-class servicing teams located across the globe, we’re there to keep retailer’s solutions up and running with minimal downtime.


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