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CPI Cashless System: Cashless Payments made easy

Three Reasons Why This is The Best Way To Enable Cashless Payments In Casinos


Casinos have been hesitant to take the leap to cashless, and why wouldn’t they be? They know the negative experiences of casinos who tried to implement cashless and failed. But with the rise of digital payments, consumers are increasingly favoring quick and secure transactions over traditional cash-based methods. Casinos can no longer ignore the shift to cashless. 

Transitioning to a cashless operation offers a myriad of benefits for casinos. Not only does it increase revenue streams and enhance customer convenience and safety, but it also keeps them competitive in an ever-evolving market. And with the CPI Cashless System, making the switch is easier than ever.

Effortless Integration and Comprehensive Support

The CPI Cashless System transforms your casino floor into a modern, user-friendly environment where customers can use their favorite mobile wallets for transactions. Our system simplifies the transition to cashless payments with straightforward enhancements to your current SC Advance™ note validator and casino slots. Bundled with end-to-end support, the CPI Cashless System ensures a hassle-free switch, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of cashless operations without the typical complexities.

This system effortlessly integrates into existing infrastructure, meaning that the transition to a cashless operation is not only smooth but also devoid of the extensive costs typically associated with major system upgrades. Considering that businesses accepting digital payments see a significant increase in sales volume, the question isn't whether casinos can afford to go cashless—it's whether they can afford not to.

No Need for an Expensive CMS Upgrade

Furthermore, the flexibility of the CPI Cashless System means that it accommodates all current systems and games, eliminating the need for expensive CMS upgrades or high-speed network infrastructures. This adaptability ensures that casinos can offer a modern, seamless gaming experience without the traditional hassles of integrating new cashless casino technology. Players enjoy the convenience of using their mobile casino wallets for transactions, increasing their spend per visit and boosting the casino's bottom line without interrupting their gaming experience.

Enhanced operations for your casino

  • A Leap Towards Efficiency and Security: Adopting the CPI Cashless System marks a significant shift towards operational efficiency and heightened security. This innovation not only streamlines casino operations but also elevates customer satisfaction by providing a safer and more enjoyable gaming experience.
  • The Competitive Edge: Incorporating cashless payments provides a double benefit of enhancing security and convenience. This is about more than just about staying updated with digital trends—it's about offering a user experience that stands out, fostering loyalty, and significantly increasing your revenue streams.
  • The CPI Cashless Promise: CPI isn't just offering a system; we're providing a future where casinos thrive in the digital age. Our cashless solution is more than a technological upgrade—it's a strategic move towards innovation, security, and profitability.


There’s no better time than now to get ahead of the wave and enable cashless payments in your casino slots. For a solution that seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure while providing all the benefits of cashless, look no further than the CPI cashless system.


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