Crane Media Network

Digital Advertising


Earn More Revenue with Digital Advertising

Earn more revenue and increase customer engagement with Crane Media Network. Partnering with the world's biggest consumer brands, Crane Media Network enables operators to earn additional revenue by permitting use of their screened devices to display advertisements. 

Increase Sales of Products

Use targeted ads to promote and move products in your machine.

Influence User Behavior

Targeted ads can help alert customers to new payment types like mobile or contactless and help increase their use

Increase Overall Sales

Run your own digital advertising campaigns, or participate in Medianet campaigns to grow transactions and revenue.

Connecting the world's biggest brands to millions of consumers

How Does It Work?

For Operators

Operators with eligible, screened devices can opt-in to Medianet. Once opted-in, we'll take it from there, connecting your screen to our network, and working with advertisers to set up campaigns. Operators are paid a flat rate for participation in each campaign; in other words, the more campaigns you opt-in for, the more you get paid.


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