Vending Companies

Vending companies call for high-volume cash processing solutions


Vending Companies

Vending companies call for high-volume cash processing solutions

After your route drivers collect bags and cash boxes from vending machines, process them at your centralized facility for exceptionally fast counting and reconciliation. Our coin sorters and money counting machines keep accurate records and make quick work of all daily deposits.


Process coins and cash quickly, accurately & economically

When cash gets back to the office, you want money counters that work fast and don't stop or jam, even with poor quality bills. JetScan iFX® currency counters are unmatched at denominating bills, regardless of quality, all at the fastest speed in the industry. This means efficient, non-stop processing, which saves you time in counting money and lets you move on to other tasks.

Especially designed for coin-intensive businesses, the JetSort®4000 high-volume coin sorter machine is fast, reliable and durable. Designed to process up to 4,500 dimes per minute with 99.995% sorting accuracy, this fast and efficient commercial coin counter and sorter is ideal for vending operators’ demand for speed, accuracy and continuous processing. 

Ideal for currency processing tasks, JetScan one-pocket and two-pocket cash handling scanners offer you greater productivity because they automate many currency counting tasks that are time consuming to do by hand. JetScan money sorters are high-functioning currency counting machines that sort mixed money, face and orient bills. JetScan cash machines quickly and accurately identify the denomination of each and every bill – at speeds up to 1,000 mixed bills per minute, including polymer money. 

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Connect your equipment together for complete reporting

Connect your JetScan iFX and JetSort money processing equipment together with compatible ports to create totals and reports more easily. Get totals of cash, coin, checks and other items all on one easy-to-read report. Capture other information, such as driver, route or customer information.

Get a free quote to help you process checks and cash faster and more accurately, eliminating inefficientcies in your operations that are costing you money.

JetScan iFX i200

The JetScan iFX® i200 money counter and currency scanner offers 20% faster cash counting with 2 fully functional pockets for increased productivity.

JetScan iFX i400

Significantly smaller, 39% faster and more flexible than any other multi-pocket currency sorter and processor, the JetScan iFX® i400 can have as few as 3 to as many as 17 pockets.

JetScan iFX i100

Checks and currency handling were traditionally managed as separate functions requiring different personnel, separate work areas and a lot of time. The JetScan iFX consolidates these functions, eliminating deposit processing steps, cutting costs and streamlining operations.

JetSort 4000

The JetSort 4000 coin sorter and coin counter is ideal for coin-intensive businesses, processing up to 4,500 coins per minute. Coins are collected in six high-volume bags.

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