CPI Gender Pay Gap Report - 2017

At CPI, we are proud of our values driven culture. We value our associates and the contribution they make. Respect for associates and equality are at the heart of our organisation. That includes the way we pay and reward all our associates.

Following legislation in April 2017, the UK government has introduced regulations for gender pay gap reporting for companies in the UK. Every year, companies with more than 250 employees must report the following:

Mean & Median gender pay gap in hourly pay

Mean & Median bonus gender pay gap

Proportion of men and women who receive a bonus

Distribution of men and women across pay quartiles

It is important to note that this is not the same as Equal Pay. The Equal Pay Act of 1970 deals with pay differences between men and women who carry out like work, work of equal value or work rated as equal. Having reviewed our data, we can confidently say that we pay men and women equally for doing the same role. We have a working environment where there are equal opportunities for all our associates, so they can fulfil their potential and contribute to the success of our business, irrespective of gender.

The gender pay gap shows the difference between the mean (average) and median (mid-point) hourly earnings and bonus of male and female associates, expressed as a percentage of male associate’s earnings. Various factors influence the gap such as demographics of the associates and the types of roles men and women undertake. The gender pay reporting is not broken down by experience, job classification or position.

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