JetScan MPX 8200
JetScan MPX 8200

JetScan MPX 8200

Currency Sorter


Sort currency and tickets at 1,200 items per minute

Innovative design requires fewer processing stops

Increase uptime using on-screen diagnostics and innovative mechanical designs

Advanced scanning technology reduces no-calls

Improved transport path reduces jams and makes jam clearing easier

Intuitive, more informative GUI

Automatically face bills

Strap up to six denominations with automatic strappers that don't slow down your processing

Product Information

Get 30% more throughput in your vault.

Advanced design and innovative thinking result in a multi-pocket cash sorter with 30% more throughput and a lower total cost of ownership. Higher productivity. Higher value.

We’ve helped vaults accross the country achieve the goal of higher productivity without higher costs, and now it’s time for you to achieve them, too. The JetScan MPX 8200 multi-pocket sorter is our most productive multi-pocket sorter yet. Latest-generation design and features get you up to 30% more throughput than the prior generation, increasing your vault’s efficiency by processing your deposits faster. Lower initial and recurrent costs create a lower total cost of ownership with value that is unmatched by any other.

Value-add options like continuous batch processing, strapping modules, bar-code reading and ticket imaging allow you to purchase the feature set you need without paying for options you can't use.


  • Larger automatic continuous feeder: Multi-batch, 4,000 document capacity.

  • Display: Larger 19" wide-format touchscreen monitor on articulating arm.

  • Two 150-note capacity offsort pockets: Screen out suspected counterfeits, unfit bills, or other items as needed.

  • Counterfeit detection: Choose from a wide range of counterfeit detection sensors, including magnetic ink, fluorescence, ultraviolet, infrared and proprietary detection techniques.

  • Six cassettes: Collect bulk money for replenishing ATMs.

  • JetTouch software: Provides built-in data viewing and reporting as well as interface capability, save and export options.

  • Flow-control tracking: Monitors document movement to facilitate recovery from errors or jams.

  • Lower installation costs: The machine operates within the climate settings typically maintained in the workplace.

  • Internal lights: Provide better visibility while clearing a jam.

  • Dual counting: Each note is counted twice during processing, providing dual verification of each note processed.

  • Flexible program options: let you buy, leaserent or place a self-service coin counter in your store, branch, or casino. 

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