JetTouch Workstation
JetTouch Workstation

JetTouch Workstation

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Save time and effort by automatically collecting data from other workstations and our equipment

Work fast and reduce errors – scan bar-coded items such as batch numbers or coupons

Manually enter non-cash media types, such as chips and tokens

Speed transactions with intuitive menus and screen prompts

Achieve greater accountability using dual count mode to verify totals

See immediate results by running reports on processed totals

Print or export data to host systems for further analysis

Simple and straightforward operation needs minimal training

Product Information

Fast, accurate, flexible transaction capture and reporting.

JetTouch® workstation is a touchscreen PC terminal running JetTouch casino settlement software. At the touch of a button, operators capture and process data according to user-defined settings. Broad functionality and compact size make it an ideal solution for the tight spaces often found in gaming operations. Reconcile cash, coin, tickets, chips, tokens, checks, and other non-cash media from networked workstations in up to six different configurations.


  • Touchscreen menu is fast and easy to use

  • Custom configurations are user-defined and stored in memory

  • Data entry allows up to five fields and a declared total to balance

  • Media entry is used to record mutilated bills and other non-standard items

  • Dual count mode verifies totals before completing for accountability

  • Reports allows you to view, print or export totals on demand

Customizable settings:

  • Password controls
  • Transaction and account information
  • Additional media entry
  • Reports
  • Communications

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