JetSuite (Germany)

Currency Sorter


Adjustable speed for fast processing

Adjustable touch panel display 

Processes currencies from up to 10 countries

Extremely precise detection of counterfeit notes

Product Information

Simplified coordination process for money and tickets. Available exclusivley in Germany. 

  • Adjustable speed for fast processing - up to 1,000 notes/tickets can be sorted per minute without pre-seperation. 
  • JetSuite processes currencies from up to 10 countries and sends slot tickets to the upper compartment of the money scanner. (Accepted currencies must be programmed.)
  • All ticket data and sums of money are recorded and can be exported to the optional JetTouch workstation and/or directly to the slot tracking system. 
  • The money and tickets can also be used to read in account numbers usung an external barcode reader or control document cards.
  • An exclusive combination of sensor systems enables the rapid and extremely precise detection of counterfeit notes.


  • Two full capacity compartments - Two compartments for 150 documents make it easy to sort, count and bundle banknotes. The upper compartment can be used to sort out tickets without stopping and the lower compartment is intended for the counted money. 
  • Adjustable bundle (band) stops - Seperate bundle (band) stops are availale for each coin denomination. 
  • Quadruple memory - Seperate totals for sub-batches, batches, daily totals and banding (bundle) limits. All four continue to operate during a reduced power supply and in the event of a power failure. 
  • Adjustable touch panel display - Illuminated display that is easily visbale under all lihting conditions. The touch panel display can be swivelled forwards and is therefore more easily accessible and visible. 
  • Adjustable Funnel Guides - The funne; guides can be moved in one of four directions, making scanning different sized notes even more accurate. 
  • High-performance funnel - 700 notes in circulation. 
  • Detection of counterfeit money - The JetScan banknote scanner offers an exclusive combination of sensor systems that can individually detect a wide range of counterfeit notes:
    • Magnetic ink sensors
    • Metallic thread sensors
    • Fluorescence sensing
    • Improved UV sensing (EUV)