JetScan two-pocket
JetScan two-pocket
JetScan two-pocket
JetScan two-pocket
JetScan two-pocket
JetScan two-pocket

JetScan Two-Pocket

Money Counter


Affordable and ensures greater productivity than sorting by hand.

Quickly and accurately identifies the denomination of each and every bill at speeds up to 1,500 mixed bills per minute.

Capable of sorting mixed money, face and orient bills and able to catch counterfeits.

Product Information

JetScan two-pocket commercial money counters utilize two fully-functioning pockets for better productivity.

JetScan two pocket money counter machines offer you greater productivity because having two fully-functioning pockets allows for the second processing pocket to accommodate more money counting and processing functions for maximum productivity.

JetScan cash counters can count and sort mixed money, face and orient bills and will divert designated bills to another pocket. While counting one denomination, JetScan will divert an erroneous bill to the second pocket when processing. A $20 is never counted as a $1, which eliminates errors, speeds processing and frees operators to focus on other activities.

Built with counterfeit detection capabilities, JetScan currency scanning machines catch basic to enhanced counterfeits. For higher counterfeit-detection capabilities, see the JetScan iFX® i200 two-pocket currency counter.

Counterfeit Bill Detection - The JetScan currency scanning and counting machine offers an exclusive combination of sensing systems that detect a wide variety of counterfeit bills:

  • Scan Sensors

  • Magnetic

  • Ultraviolet

  • Fluorescence

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