Coin Changer


Training made simple. One piece design tube set makes roll out to field base easy

Plug & play model. Reduce the cost of ownership with easy installation

Clear diagnostics. LEDs notify operators of any issues to ensure rapid response to capture every sale

Update on the spot. Token teach directly in the field with CashFlow STS Support tool

Product Information

Giving change with the MEI EC6970 is a simple yet accurate task. This coin changer is easy to use, yet sophisticated. Built to deliver the basic tasks of your vending operations accurately and reliably, there are several interfaces for audit and support tool options. This unit is perfect for your introduction into a vending route operation.

Designed as a plug & play model, the EC6970 coin mech offers full accessibility to the coin path and 4 high-capacity change tubes. This coin changer is as easy to use as it is reliable: just set and go.