Microtronic UCOMO6
Microtronic UCOMO6 system for CPI
Microtronic UCOMO6
Microtronic UCOMO6 system for CPI




Give operators a choice for cashless connectivity. A5K talks to different networks with a variety of backend processors

Optimize credit card processing to maximize sales. Adding credit card options to your machine can increase revenue

Improved self-diagnostics and troubleshooting. Limit service calls (and costs) with user-friendly interface

Monitor your machines remotely. Enhanced route scheduling options for up-to-date machine info

Flexible functionality. Modular hardware design lets you add components, like SD cards for expanded memory

Product Information

The U-CoMo6 telemeter enables full reporting for your entire field base. It supports encrypted cash and cashless, as well as QR transactions. The new LEGIC payment system accepts all RFID cards and connects every vending machine with the e-vending online platform.

Establish internet connections to the e-vending online platform with its LAN interface. This telemeter automatically registers all cash and cashless transactions online. Use the e-vending platform to perform operational price modifications and optimize planograms.