sts advance
sts advance

STS Advance™

Support Software


Manage handheld devices, as well as downloading files for devices, and upgrading of handheld firmware

Easy configuration. Load and save configuration to or from a file, and also connected products

Accessible audits. Store and retrieve new audit data from CPI bill acceptor devices

Dynamic diagnostics. Displays and runs various tests on connected CPI coin and note validators

*functionality depends on your product range and license*

Product Information

Support and Test Systems, best known as STS Advance™, was developed to make it simpler to understand and support CPI products. STS can be configured with a number of CPI brands and products to help manage product audits and diagnostics.

This software, together with the CashFlow Programming Module handheld devices CPM (HII) and CPM (USB), supports products both in the field and back office.