Paypod Hybrid by CPI
Paypod Hybrid by CPI

Paypod™ Hybrid

Attended Lane Automation


  • Time saving for your store. Reduce manual cash handling and operate more efficiently 

  • Lower cash loss. Increase control with secure enclosure 

  • Hygienic Hybrid. Make hygiene happen by letting employees handle the food, not the cash 

  • Seamless Integration with your existing point-of-sale system via software or uAPI

  • Intuitive user experience. 7 inch (17 cm) screen offers payment guidance for fast throughput

Product Information

Paypod Pay Station assists retailers with cash management at the point of sale. Stop spending time reconciling cash at the end of the day. By automating cash handling, retailers can save money by reducing costly mistakes.

Paypod Hybrid attaches to standard retail counters without any invasive changes to the counter. The innovative design is secure: It has a lockable enclosure door, a lockable bill recycler cashbox, and a dual-locking feature on the coin recycler. The front and top doors provide easy access to the cash devices for maintenance.

Enable payment automation in your store now.

Introducing Paypod

The automated Cashier Assistant revolutionizing retail

paypod hybrid by cpi