Real time alerts

Service technician and route driver mobile applications

Over-the-air planogram and price updates from VendMAX to CPI telemetry

Integration with 3rd party software and service providers such as Vistar, OCS Access and common accounting software

Product Information

VendMAX is the best in class vending management system with a proven track record of transforming over 200 customers’ businesses in the last 25 years. It provides the maximum return on your investment with the greatest breadth and depth of functionality. VendMAX has pioneered a vending model designed to help you improve operations from top to bottom, from the money room to the warehouse to the truck. VendMAX integrates with Lightspeed to improve inventory accountability when pre-kitting.

Improved Productivity

  • Product Accountability: Achieve less than 1% shrinkage 
  • Merchandiser: Increase same-store sales 10-18% 
  • Pre-Kitting: Eliminate 1 out of 4 trucks 
  • Dynamic Scheduling: Eliminate 1 out of 5 trucks 
  • Reduce costs with cloud solution 
  • Mobile apps to improve productivity in service, cashless and route operations 
  • Simple one-step deposit reconciliation 
  • Machine alerts that increase machine up-time

Superior Forecasting Tools

This is what you expect from technology - a streamlined operation, greater efficiencies, and improved profitability. With Streamware’s unmatched forecasting tools you can increase your profitability to 11.4%. 

  • Take your drivers “intuition” out of the equation. You know what product to pack, how much to bring and when to deliver it 
  • Move up to pre-kitting and consolidate one in four routes

Breakthrough Merchandising

Run your routes like a C-store, placing the right products in the right machines for the right customers. VendMAX analyzes your sales and recommends new planograms to increase top-line sales. 

  • Product replacement based on product characteristics and customer preferences 
  • Communicates product changes to the warehouse and to the driver  Introduces new products in an intelligent manner 
  • Provides planogram par levels which eliminate spoilage and over-stocked machines

Unrivaled DEX

There’s DEX and then there’s Streamware DEX. For consistent DEXing and unmatched cash accountability, no one can touch our track record. 

  • 180 customers using item-level DEX 
  • 3,000+ routes, 240,000 machines being DEX’d with Streamware 
  • Uses all cash and cashless DEX fields to provide full machine accountability 
  • Provides driver with accurate machine inventory as soon as DEX is taken and eliminates a need for manual count on every service