Our note product portfolio

CPI note validators, recyclers and loaders are developed with superior validation technology that provide measurable benefits which include lower operational costs and superior after-sales service and support. Advanced technologies are developing every day and we commit to keeping you serviced with these technologies and ensure we design and build solutions that keep your business future-ready.

Note Validators

What they do: 

Note validators are the perfect fit for applications that do not require storing note change within the product. Approved notes are routed to an integral cash box while false notes are returned back to the customer.  Example applications are Casino Gaming, Vending, Retail Safes, Self Service Kiosks, Ticket Vending. 

Why CPI:

Note validation is our core expertise since starting the business in 1972. Since then major OEMs and operators deployed more than 6 million of our note validators worldwide. While we have included the most advanced validation technology in our products, we also make sure that they are supported by the best engineers in the business.

Note Recyclers

What they do:

Our note recyclers are proven note handling solution; accepting and validating customers’ notes, sorting to individual storage locations and providing change at the end of a transaction. Note recyclers offer a minimum note-in to note-out height. Example applications: Retail POS, AWP Gaming, Vending

Why CPI:

We have been asked by our customers in retail, gaming and vending whether we can increase their operational efficiency. Our answer is note recycling. It provides a complete note payment solution and reduces coin refilling events. Consequently we have successfully integrated our note recycling products into large OEM applications.

Bulk Note Loaders

What they do

Users generally feed one note at a time to banknote validators or recyclers. Bulk note loader products allow insertion of a stack of banknotes for serial processing. This capability helps to improve transaction times and the customer experience. Example applications: Retail Smart Safes, Banking Deposit, Self Service Kiosks


OEMs worldwide such as drop safe manufactures have incorporated the CPI bulk note devices with custom cash collection devices such as large capacity vaults and/or cash bags. They contain high-tech features in the validating heads and are the fastest way to validate and stack bills in your Retail, Banking or Self-Service Kiosk application.

Over 45 years of note payment innovation

In 1972, we developed one of the world’s first electronic note validators for consumer use. We have been improving note payment technology ever since. Our expertise in notes, the collaboration with the central banks and printing authorities round the world ensure that we simply deliver the most secure note payment products.

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