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How CPI Service Compares

Traditional Service Model The CPI Difference
Excessive Unit Downtime Next-day assistance for minimal downtime
Unexpected charges No surprise costs
Struggling to find spare parts Spare parts held at nearest service site
Limited service options Flexible contracts that fit your needs
 Unnecessary capital tied up in parts More working capital available to you

130 +

Years of Service

450 +

Certified Technicians

99 %

Customer Satisfaction

97 %

First-Time Fix Rate

4,000 +

Training Hours Annually

Service Options That Work For You

  • Depot Repair

    For simple fixes and maintenance, our depot repair service allows you devices to be repaired by the original team that made it in our CPI manufacturing facility. Simply send in the broken part, and you'll receive it once it's been repaired, saving you he cost of a site technician visit.

  • Full Service & Preventative Maintenance Program

    Our preventative maintenance program provides routine inspections and cleaning of your machines. When you opt in for this agreement, you're positioned to experience less downtime while being protected against unexpected costs if anything goes wrong. 

  • Fixed Contracts

    With fixed contracts, we assess your expected service volume and cover all services under a fixed-rate structure. Alternatively, we offer the option to cover a specified number of visits per year at a flat fee, whether on an open-ended basis or with a pre-determined visit limit. In either scenario, the pricing remains consistent with no unexpected costs, providing you with a predictable budget.

  • Pay-As-You-Go

    When you choose to pay as you go, we respond to maintenance needs on an as-needed basis, ensuring that you only pay for the specific services required. This approach allows for a tailored solution, addressing issues promptly without committing to a fixed service contract.

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