Case Studies
Auto Par Brings Automatic Benefits

Vending company, Definite Food Service Limited, experienced immense operational and financial benefit with the MEI CASHFLOW Series 7000.

Preventing Crime with a 'Safe' Solution

Smart Safes create a safer work environment for employees at Wendco of Puerto Rico, Inc. by minimizing cash exposure - from the till to the bank

Half is More with Smart Safes

Restaurant operator El Pollo Loco leverages smart safes to dramatically cut the time and costs associated with cash management. We typically think bigger is better – but not when it comes to costs.

Multi-function ATMs for Greater Efficiency

NCR, global provider of ATMs, equipped its multi-function ATMs series with CX25 coin dispensers.

Utility Bills Paid Smarter

How banks in Romania enhanced customer experience 

Automate parcel pickups to save time with Self-Service Postal Kiosks

With the holidays rapidly approaching, many postal service providers are experiencing a significant increase in deliveries and customer traffic. Check out our recent case study and discover how self-service and payment automation have enabled extra cost savings for postal service providers in Russia.

Pay Fines Easily with Self-Service Government Kiosks

Are you a self-service terminals expert or kiosk operator? Check out the government kiosks in California that handle over 2,000 transactions, totaling nearly $240,000 within one month. 

Cryptocurrency Unattended: How the Public Meets Bitcoin

Acquiring bitcoins can be difficult. Bitcoin ATMs can make transactions feel safe and efficient.

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