Money Counter


High capacity hopper: Holds up to 300 bills.

Printer: Provides permanent, easy-to-read record of cash processed.

Communications: Activate ports for one or two devices including computers, printers and remote displays.

Canvas carrier: Sturdy handle allows for easy transport of the currency counting machine.

Product Information

Fast, accurate and economical currency counters.

JetCount cash counting machines are budget-friendly machines that are reliable, compact and easy to use and save valuable hours normally spent counting money by hand.  For more featured machines that scan and count mixed currency, learn more about the JetScan iFX series of money counters.  It's our latest generation of equipment that's sure to save you time and money by improving efficiency.

At selectable speeds of up to 1,600 notes per minute, JetCount currency counters make quick work of even the highest of volumes of cash, dependably and accurately.


  • Fail-safe error detection: JetCount senses inconsistencies to ensure cash counts are accurate. An audio alarm and message on the machine display help operators quickly identify double bills, folded bills, chains and jams.
  • Bright LED display: Illuminated display is easy to see under all lighting conditions.
  • Tactile keycaps: Easy to use and anti-fatiguing, Jetcount keys provide clear, tactile feedback.
  • Auto start & restart: Starts as soon as bills are added to the hopper and automatically restarts when bills are removed from the bottom stacker.
  • Protected data and set-ups: All processing data and set-ups are protected during low power and power loss situations.

Counterfeit bill detection: JetCount money counter offers a choice of sensing systems that detect a wide variety of counterfeit bills. Choose from magnetic ink or enhanced ultraviolet sensors, depending on your requirements.

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