Cell phone screen displaying Simplifi logo
simplifi mobile
simplifi mobile
Cell phone screen displaying Simplifi logo
simplifi mobile
simplifi mobile

Simplifi Mobile

Device Management Software


Manage inventory, service calls, device management, and fill and collect schedules from one platform

A single platform for servicing all location types including vending, coffee service, and micromarkets

Easily train new and veteran route drivers alike with intuitive tools and interface

Replace expensive handhelds by allowing drivers to use their own devices, on Apple and Android from mobile phones or tablets

Product Information

Simplifi Mobile is your essential business tools now in the convenience

of a mobile app. Integrating with VendMAX, Simplifi delivers next generation, intuitive mobile tools for route service management. Tap into our complete platform with capabilities that extend from the service location all the way back to the office.

We know that customer satisfaction starts with having the right information.

That’s why we designed the Simplifi mobile app with data in mind. Designed to deliver real-time, actionable data, you’re able to empower your drivers to optimize fill visits with customer favorites and best-sellers, so you never have to leave your customers wanting more. Plus, with an at-a-glance dashboard view of all their daily visits, drivers are able to prioritize and optimize their time on the road.

Summary of features:

  • In-Field Planogram Changes
  • Real-time
  • Performance
  • Data
  • Picture-Based Fill 
  • Collect List


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