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Cummins Allison

San Francisco

The Cummins Allison San Francisco branch offers product expertise & industry knowledge best suited towards defining your company needs in order to determine the right product fit and combination for your business needs.


We have gone remote to better serve your needs, reach out to us today if you have any questions or are interested in Cummins Allison.

We provide sales and service for all Cummins Allison products. Please contact our branch or any of our service or sales representatives for more information.

Customer Feedback

“Part of the reason we brought the JetScan iFX machines to the property, other than their speed, enhanced counterfeit detection and accuracy, is the ability to do ticketing imaging. We do a tremendous amount of tickets and cash and we’ll be able to run both on the same machine in one pass."


“We’ve reduced the vault drop count times and the number of employees needed by 50% each, saving time and money for the casino.”

Ruth Ritchie, Director, Cage and Vault

Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino, Lemoore


Cummins Allison - San Francisco


Tel: 800-550-8987