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Advanced Cashless technologies are developing every day and we commit to keeping you serviced with these technologies and ensure we design and build solutions that keep your business future ready.

Card Readers

What they do:

The majority of card readers available today is designed to accept all EMV debit and credit card as well as contactless cards and NFC enabled devices, offering support to mobile applications like Android Pay™ , ApplePay™ and Samsung Pay™. They are connected to telemeters in order to access the online payment network and product software. Example Applications: Vending Machines, Ticket Vending Machines

Why CPI:

The CPI card readers' range is designed to address the challenges of a rapidly-evolving payment industry. We have integrated more than 400,000 cashless systems installed worldwide. Recent studies show that customers are engaged to pay with their credit card or mobile phone - that’s why we design card readers that accept all kind of payment methods.

Closed Site

What they do:

Closed site solutions are mainly deployed in private vending sites, like companies, universities, hospitals, leisure centres, etc, to name a few. Site operators offer free vends or special promotions and discounts to their consumers, and the credit is loaded onto a MIFARE® media (tags, fobs, cards, etc). The ecosystem consists of top up programmable MIFARE media and a reader installed on at the POS. 

With the introduction of new technologies in the arena of payments, consumers can now opt to pay with their mobile phone application to purchase from a Vending machine even within a closed site environment. A mobile application allows the consumer to store his/her card details safely in the Cloud™ and purchase from a POS enabled to accept cashless transactions via mobile phone without having to use their card or even carry their wallet. 

Why CPI:

Microtronic has recently joined the CPI family extending the portfolio to include innovative and reliable payment solutions in the arena of closed site and mobile payments. Microtronic have delivered sophisticated solutions for decades and lists today the most comprehensive product range available today on the Vending market, including cards, MIFARE media and even mobile apps. CPI closed site readers consistently deliver the highest standards of reliability, security and performance such as Mifare Plus or Legic encryption.


What they do:

Telemeters are connected to card readers and other machine peripherals within a vending machine. They have an integrated network communication platform that enables cashless payment e.g. credit card processing, remote machine monitoring, and new industry applications like interactive vending display screens. An additional back office or cloud software is used to control all the activities and data processed by the telemeter.  

Why CPI:

We believe that technology should make life easier. That’s why we design telemeter solutions that remove the barriers to implementation by taking care of the complete payment environment. Today more than 1,000,000 vending machines are managed by our enterprise software and telemeters. They empower more than 400,000 cashless systems supported by over 100 dedicated associates across the globe.  

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Crane Connectivity Solutions is an entrepreneurial joint venture between CPI’s vending connectivity team and Crane Merchandising Systems’ Streamware team. 

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